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Muse Watson clears the air

The rumors and innuendos must have gotten back to Muse Watson about his health because in the last few days he tweeted a slightly modified line that WC Fields would be attributed to say. He also shared that he has been trying to quit smoking and Mark was supporting his efforts (have I said I love Mark Harmon?). It sounds like he has been enjoying all the fan and viewer responses to the death of Mike Franks. He has been posting all the comments and fan videos that were made in honor of Mike Franks. However it disgusts me when people say and do things without any thought as to what it might do to the cast and crew. I even posted that to this thread. Before anyone says something along the lines “well they are in the public eye” or they are in the wrong business if they have thin skin. NO UNACCEPTABLE. I have learned very quickly that it can be hurtful and sometimes not appreciated.


This weekend is the annual Mark Harmon Celebrity baseball/softball game. A number of people attended this weekend event along with pre event activities. There is a video that is buffering far too much for me to enjoy of Mark participating in a Native American Dance.


USA network is having a 6 hour marathon starting at 5 pm. The there is a theme or title of the marathon but I have to check with the USA channel and find out. The first few are from season one and there are some from season 6 and season seven I believe.


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Jack Kopp
Sep. 26th, 2012 11:46 pm (UTC)
Miss you
I was just worried about your health , cause I really enjoyed the shows when you were included.
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