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NCIS was renewed for season 12

The news flew through the NCIS fandom yesterday that season 12 was a go.  Many of us had no doubts.  Others did.  Many are hoping that Emily Wickersham’s character will be gone and you know who has returned.  Should I state the obvious? Some were happy for the announcement others wanted a longer deal.  Seriously?   Do you really want the cast to be straining at the leash by then?

Today’s double episodes were from season 7.   They are Jet lag and Masquerade..  The first episode brought a lot of criticism because the agents left their charge alone and she nearly died..   The second one we either meet or see MAllison Hart. again.  I didn’t watch all of it because it was dinner time and I went out afterwards.

I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but the next big marathon is tomorrow and the theme is Lucky Ducky Marathon..  It starts around 9 or ten and that’s good because we are going to be out early tomorrow.  I am sure I will be catching some of it..

An Interest article

Found this article on Rocky Carroll today.  I thought it was very interesting and he loves his job.  That doesn’t surprised me everyone on the show does.  His schedule allows him to have time to do other things that he likes but he seems to enjoy it when all of his “followers” on twitter keep asking for Director Vance.

Do you remember when I wrote a couple of days ago that I may have opened a can of worms with comments about PP?  Well those involved were criticized for attacking her.  Nicki got on this morning or last night and said we were not attacking but giving constructive criticisms and that’s all part of it.  I love it..some posters can say or criticize MH, JS or GG or even CDP but when anyone else does it of people they like?  All bets are off.    I find myself telling myself any criticisms I may have of the show or the actors or characters should probably just stay in the blogs.

Oh there are have been BTS and blurbs all over the net of the two part episode of  NOLA.  I was mistakenly under the impression they didn’t shoot in NO’s but several people had posted they had seen both Scott Bakula (who looks great and almost like) Mark Harmon.

Tonight is a repeat of NCIS.  The episode is Anonymos as A woman.  It’s the one where Gibbs stands up to a bunch of people in AFghanistan.  Some thought it was a little over the top others enjoyed it for what it was.  The previews for next week look good.

I have to miss today’s marathon and of course part of Friday’s back to back episodes.  I am hopign I won’t miss any of Saturday’s.

I think I opened up a can of worms

This  morning I replied to this episode discussion from the past week  It was my second reply to it this week.  Nicki5of7 and I were discussing Pauley’s interview and her character’s behavior in the episode towards the Internal Affairs guy.  Nicki loves Pauley while clearly I am no longer in enamoured with her.   Actually I don’t think I ever was. Pauley didn’t really touch on the anniversary episode very well.  Her character’s behavior on the show leaves a lot to be desired.   I feel that the cast and crew especially Pauley need to start speaking up about things that no longer work for the character.   If they don’t they (actually my feeling is she will) be typecast for the rest of their career.   This is the 21st century and I don’t believe HOllywood would blackball an actor or anyone if they spoke up about changes for their character or what ever.

I also take exception to PP’s behavior on twitter.  The following is my post

“Then she is not going to be taken seriously. She will be the one typecast of the cast. I don't find her cute or endearing especially after reading a lot of her tweets over the last couple of years. I am sorry she has PTSD and has an ex from hell but her behavior on Twitter is unacceptable to me. She can't post things that are in fact endangering her life or open for scrutiny and then get all defensive when people comment. Yeah I know she is human but there is a time when she needs to take responsibility for things. I really don't think she does.

Read more:

I stopped following her because of the behavior.  Over the years I have learned that when you are an actor, singer, or whatever everything you do or say has a ripple effect on everything you do.  Whether it is your work, your extended projects, family, community service etc.  I don’t care if it is her personal twitter page.

In that vein I just stopped following Muse W.    A while back he had commented on my congressman derogatory and I challenged him and he made an unkind remark.  He doesn’t  know me or he certainly doesn’t know   He has been known to be very aggressive to other posters and insulting I sure don’t want to be a part of that either.

There is speculation (again) as photos of BTS of the  NCIS:NOLA spinoff being released and filmed in LA (Los Angeles) not on Location location if Mark Harmon is pulling back from the mother ship and focusing on the EP and all that entails.  Some are asking (again) if season 11 is the last.  It’s already been announced there is a 12 season coming (at least I thought there was)  Also he has been blamed for everything from all the females being fired, let go, or leaving and of approving the scripts.

Oh and do you remember me telling you that I was going to try and avoid the facebook page?  Its like a train wreck.  You can’t look away.  Although there are some really sane people there that are fighting the good fight.  The other stuff just makes me roll my eyes.

Every time I go there I end up getting aggravated by the same rhetoric.  The same shit every day.  The show has lost its chemistry (I don’t think it has), Bishop doesn’t fit in, Gibbs is this that and  the other.  (They have been saying that for like freaking 4 years).  I also get tired of reading “I don’t watch it anymore” or  the constant arguing of why watch it if you don’t like it (which I do actually agree with).  I find myself questioning the reasons for posting at message boards if you don’t watch the show anymore.  I have long since stopped watching a number of shows and I may lurk to see what the atmosphere is like or what if any are the same arguments might be that occurred when I was actively watching.  Its the dead horse beatings.  I also know that these arguments are also not solely at one message board.  It is on a number of them but they seem to handle them better than others.

Today ownership of the Harmons_Fans Yahoo list was turned over to a fairly new member who has volunteered as the original owner has decided to step down and go into other directions.  The list was started in Sept 2000.  It has since grown in members but lately it has seem to be less active these day.  The new owner is looking for ideas.  I wish Julie and Missy best wishes and I will be visiting Julie’s other worlds soon.

David McCallum was quoted this week on his long career he has no intentions of slowing down...You Go Mr. McCallum...and Happy 250th Episode to you and the entire cast and crew of NCIS.

Former writer Jesse Stern caused some concern among long time fans recently when he recently tweeted that the show has has changed drastically.  According to some he has been taking pot shots at the show since he had left the show (some say fired).  Many feel that people in HOllywood shouldn’t burn bridges in that town as it is small and you may not get a chance to work with project again.  I tend to agree and it is biting the hand that fed you for a time in your career.  I just wish people would also see that certain actors who choose to fight or argue with fans are also doing themselves and  the show they are starring on a huge disservice.    I don’t care if it is their own personal twitter or facebook account.   They are linked with the show.

I am really hoping there are interviews on the TV and newspapers for the 250th Episode this week.  It would be nice but I am pretty much guessing it won’t be done.  ONe could only hope.

Around the NCIS Fandom

As expected the Ralph Waite Tribute was lovely.  After each of the episodes they used a still of Ralph from “Faith” near the end where Gibbs and Papa talk about what was bothering Jack.  Discussions are still continuing on how the episode the show will honor him.  Unfortunately it still upsets people discussing it.  It was announced today that NCIS will be honoring Ralph and Jack at the end of Season 11.

USA had a double episode Friday.  I missed the first one.  there was full marathon Sunday featuring Tony DiNozzo.  You can always check the IMDB line up.

Pauley Perrette was on David Letterman Friday.  I think I am going to miss it.  I will probably catch it on YouTube or reviews of it.  It got mixed reviews.

I am looking forward to seeing a new episode tomorrow night.  Every Time I went on FB there was at least a half dozen posts complaining about the repeats (if you live in the freaking US you know this is going on all the networks).  The other half were angry because international fans couldn’t see the video.  There are legal reasons for it stupids.

Around the NCIS Fandom

Condolences continue to pour into the NCIS Facebook page for the cast and crew of NCIS on the loss of Ralph Waite.  Requests for tribute episodes also have been given and a number of people insert the “BBC” mantra.  They were chided for it and rightfully so.   There is a lovely story honoring the characters of Jackson at Mark Harmon Addicts.  It was uncanny because I was hoping someone would write this.  I add my hope that the writers on the show do equal if not better justice.  USA will pay tribute to Ralph Waite on Wednesday February 19, 2014 for a marathon.

The fourth cast member has been picked for the new NCIS spin off and he is Lucas Black  According to EW he will play Agent LaSalle somewhat of a party animal and hard worker.  The comments are cynical at best.  I probably will give it a try and from time to time watch it the way I watch NCIS:LA.

I was totally surprised to see a mini marathon on Friday.  I was also surprised to see one yesterday.  Of course I was glad to see it.  The next one is Wednesday.  The first half starts 8 am but the second half is as I mentioned earlier the Tribute to the late actor Ralph Waite.  The entire NCIS Schedule is here.

RIP Ralph Waite

ONe of TV’s Finest and Iconic actors has died.  Ralph Waite best known for John Walton on The Walton’s has died.  According to The Hollywood Reporter Mr. Waite died Today at his home in South Palm Desert.  He was 85.  He has had a long and notable career.  He also did a stint in Politics when he ran for the late Sonny Bono’s congressional seat.  Many of us in the NCIS fandom got to see him in a role that would be endearing as Jackson Gibbs in the Sixth Season of NCIS.  He has played Jackson several times since then.  It has been all over the net now and it has exploded on Twitter and of course Facebook when the ever talented Erin McDonough announced on her Facebook page he had passed.

Fans are sending messages of sympathy to the cast and crew through the various forums and message boards and  of course the NCIS Yahoo list.  I will be adding mine very soon.  There already was someone making assumptions about how the show would handle it and several have already berated the person (who needed it actually but I digress).

Awhile back when there was a spoiler that Jackson would be returning again this season it was going to be a very emotional one.  Some had speculated he would be sick or dying.  I had wondered myself how it would be done.  My heart aches for Mark Harmon and the cast.

David McCallum

Yesterday sometime DigitalSpy online magazine posted an article with the talented David McCallum on many things including the departure of one Cote De Pablo and it revealed that it caused a great deal of anguish and frustration for those left behind.  This revelation was received with mixed reaction.  Some supported his candor and others rebuked him (check out twitter and Tumblr).  You may have to do a search it seemed to be very little when I checked on Twitter but I seem to have issues when I am searching.  I get some recent stuff and some really old non relevant stuff that I missed.    Anyway responses on Facebook have been minimal (at least from this view but I think give it time).  The rest of the article was about a possible Man from Uncle Reunion and I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

I saw last night’s episode and for a few minor nitpicks it was great.  As always getting mixed reviews.  It would be nice to if those who keep asking for Bishops removal or declarations of no longer watching it would do just that and not stay around.  Also the changes in characters have to happen...duh.  Apparently the episode did very well in the ratings as well.

I have seen part of the NCIS Marathon today it is from the second half of season one and going into season two.  The marathon ends with a season six and 10 episode at 6 and 7.  That also brings up another thought.  There have been questions appearing on the official facebook page about USA Network programming...They are not going to see it there.

CLOO TV has a marathon on Friday and probably a few more during the week.  Actually here is the most updated NCIS schedule.

NCIS:NOLA Cast annoucements

I have been getting alerts all day today announcing the new cast for the NCIS spin-off. Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Enterprise) has been cast as the Leader of the new team located in New Orleans.  Second person to be announced was Zoe McLellan who also appeared on JAG has been cast as Agent Brody from the Midwest.  They are still looking to fill the rest of the cast up.  I bet Mark Harmon is excited and thrilled.  It hasn’t been announced on any of the entertainment news programs yet.  They are focusing on the Superbowl and the drug overdose of Philip Seymour Hoffman on Sunday.

I tried to stay up for Once a Crook episode of NCIS last night but I wasn’t doing well.  I was tired and not feeling well.  I also found both the characters Abby and Tony to be extremely obnoxious and annoying.  A point I made on a couple of boards.  I checked my October and November entries and can’t tell if I watched it or not.  i must have the first time.

Anyway the new episode for this month airs tomorrow.  Ellie Bishop is in world of hurt again.  This will only make those who continue to call for her removal more adamant.  Some continue to say that Gibbs isn’t Gibbs anymore (then again they were saying that for years).  I believe this will be it until February 18th for new episodes.  It is because of the Olympics.  Some seem to think its because no one wants to put new episodes up against the Olympics that are happening in a few days.  People were bitching about it in different venues.

Harriet the NCIS fan liaison has been wonderful as always about updating the viewing list and giving updates on the show.  She must be a lot of fun to be around.  She even gets to get hugs from the cast.

There are mini marathons on both Cloo TV and of course USa Network on Wednesday.  I probably will get to see them if I stay home on Wednesday.  It looks like it won’t be on USA until next week but mostly on Cloo TV.

Well its time to say good night...take care.

This is the day before the big game

Well today is the day where many of my fellow American get ready for the all important football game of the season.  They get their Super Bowl supplies for the parties, their menus etc. The networks, and cable stations/networks plan their schedules in honor of this day.  There is a puppy Bowl, kitty bowl, and from what I am told a fish bowl (no lie).  Unfortunately no NCIS marathon.  Although we do get a OTS episode at 9 pm tomorrow.  Yay..

Let’s see..NCIS still did pretty good in the ratings this week despite some people’s insistence that it isn’t doing well at all because of Bishop and the writing.  I am looking forward to next week’s episode despite some people’s fears that Bishop is becoming another Mary Sue Character.  Other’s continue call for her removal and the return of CDP.  Le Sigh...

People are still upset about the Video that Michael Weatherly did with Sarah Silverman.  It isn’t as prevalent as the most recent Bishop bashing but there is a page boycotting him and the show.  People on both sides of the issue are commenting some continue to understand others not.

A discussion about PP and twitter came up in the politics and NCIS thread at IMDB.  One person feels that her activism is over the top and shouldn’t be on the twitter and others thinks its her personal account and she should be able to write what ever.  At the same time they seem to understand the ramifications.

I am spending some time clearing out the entertainment emails and saving them to the hard drive (yeah I know not important).

Oh and more importantly the cast and crew had their 250th Episode party this past week...Pictures are showing up on line