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So much to catch up on

I have so much to catch up on for NCIS and its fandom but today I wanted to comment on other things.

First I have made a list of Movies I have seen this year both on Video and in the theaters.  They include the ones I saw during the summer with friends and then this past holiday with my family.  I had the opportunity to see two great films.  The first one was JK Rowling's “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” and Trolls.  I enjoyed them both.  The first one made a few references to Harry Potter characters but that was it.  It was a lot of fun and the 3-D was pretty good.  OF course the reclining chairs didn’t hurt either.  Trolls was just pretty cute and I was dancing near the end in my seat at the song that has been all over the radio.

There are a lot of other movies I would like to see that I saw the trailers for and my hope is to get to see them either with family, friends, or even by myself.

I am also going to start a reading list.  Just go the library and start from there or even go to the bookstore.

I was clearing out my inbox and noticed I had a lot of WSHU.org email alerts from nearly a year ago.  I decided that I didn’t want to keep them but I would for other things such as NCIS and the cast.

I didn’t keep any of the email alerts of the DL of any of the tv shows that are on US TV and international.


Fans are in panic

For the last few days or so there have been panic stricken fans posting to the FB that DM announced his leaving after this season.  He literally announced it when he announced MW’s departure last year.    Some are in denial citing that everyone signed a two year deal.  That is true but I don’t recall it including that of DMC2.  The current articles are all from Europe and Australia.  None from the US such as Variety and the others we tend to listen or believe most times.  I guess It will have to wait for the “official word”.

Tonight is the “Philadelphia”episode.  We see the return of MI6 Clayton.  It will be very interesting to see if he will be in the bullpen by the end of the episode or will be showing up from time to time like Fornell.  Some are questioning the spacial problems this is presenting for them.

The ratings seem to be very steady for Season 14 so far.  If I understand it correctly NCIS came in 4th place?  I hope so.  That would please me to no end.  I used to understand ratings especially calculating them when it was the syndicated shows.  Not so sure if I could do it with the regular ones.  It was 9.0 for the week of 10/3/2016 but number 2.

Preview photos for episode 14.7  have been released and can be found on the website Seat42.  They look every good and I am looking forward to seeing the show. It would be great if there are more press tours.

What I am about to write may seem mean but there is a NCIS Forum that recently added MW’s show as a Board to discuss all aspects of it and i think it's not fair.  He is no longer with NCIS so all posts about him should be in the area of Former and returning cast members.  They don’t have one for CDP nor do they have one for the newest Franchise of NCIS (NCIS:NOLA).  Why would they not have one for them but for Bull.  The whole page has been fairly quiet except for the “Appreciation” threads.  This has been bothering me since the inception of this particular forum.  Needless to say since I barely watch it except promos and stuff so there is no reason to go to that forum.  I just wish the Head Admin would visit and make a statement of it.

Tonight’s episode so far is good.  Quinn is being squirrely and I am not sure she should bossing Ellie around.  She should be taking orders from Ellie.  Torres is doing great but dealing with new rules for him is making him so aggravated.  The way “Ducky” is acting It wouldn’t surprise me if the rumors are true about the actor are true..

McGee Pops the question

I was able to see this past week’s episode of NCIS entitled “Love Boat”.  I have to say it was quite good.  I have no problems with Torres or Quinn or the actors who play them.  I would have liked to have seen the reaction from the team on Delilah’s reaction but that may go against the main thought that no one wants to see the “personal side” of the agents.  Everyone did an excellent job.

I read the synopsis of the next episode and we get to see Tony Dinozzo Sr.  I thought I read there would be either a surprise  appearance by Michael W and his alter ego in upcoming episodes (per chance Tim and Delilah’s wedding?) it may have been fan speculations.

The discussions of Sean Murray’s weight Loss continue and my blood pressure keeps going up and up every time I read it.  I would like it very much of the Admins of any of the forums (mostly on FB) would get off their bums and Please say something.  I don’t care if you agree but really?? Enough already with the discussion. Yes he does look different so does Kevin Sorbo but really???

All week long Ellen has been campaigning to get Mark Harmon on her show.  Apparently I missed it today but Harriet the show liaison announced it would be on this afternoon.  Apparently on some kind of list he won over Ellen (most paid TV star?)  I will try to look on YouTube and see if I can find it.

There is a NCIS marathon on USA tomorrow starting at 10 am tomorrow and lasts until 11 pm tomorrow night.  So I guess we know what I will be doing tomorrow night?  There are two next week in their regular time slots (Monday until 7 pm and Wednesday until 10 pm, Thursday on CLOO and OTRS on Saturday CBS then again the following Week).

It looks like my cable system has added some new channels to our package (or its the new one I changed to when I contacted the Cable company almost a month and half ago to change names on the account.  Anyway it seems we now have CPTV sports channel that does include movies and stuff like that but mostly the local sports (UConn).

RIP Gary Glasberg

I hadn't been online hardly at all today so I was quite shocked at the news this evening that Show Runner for NCIS Gary Glasberg died today.  He was 4 years younger than I am! He has been hailed and vilified at the way he had been running NCIS since taking it over from Jesse Stern.  It is all over the internet and forums (how many times are these people going to post the same things on the same sites?)  There will be a memorial service in October. He was survived by his wife Mimi and their two sons and his father.  I did post a message to most of the NCIS cast at twitter and a few fans have "liked" my tweet.

Well last night was episode 14.2 and it was a mixed bag.  Clearly it was a homage to the 1980's movie the breakfast club.  They had all the elements of it.  They even had a woman who everything thought (Including me) was Alley sheedy (but it wasn't) in reprisal of her role as the weird/shy girl.  I am still not sure of Jennifer Esposito's performance but Vilma (Torres) did pretty well and my feelings of "icky" were not there.  I still think he is supposed to be mirror image of GIbbs when he was that "age".  So that may be a mutual admiration society there.  I did think that David McCallum looked incredibly frail in the episode and I expec that by the end of the season he will leave and not wait the year he said he would.  I would love to see the rearrangement of the bull pen.  I am trying to see it on line but my laptop not cooperating.

On the different message boards people are still chiming in about the characters of Bishop, Tony.  They also have continually "claimed they are worried" about the state of Sean Murray's Health.  They will be sending prayers that he gets healthier, because they feel he is way too thin.  Some of the things they say are way out of line and hurtful.  They are not Drs.  Comments like theirs are what caused Sean to stop posting on Twitter because they felt they knew better than he and his doctors.

With the New Season

With the new season of NCIS just a couple of weeks away I thought it would be nice to post one of my rare posts.

If you have noticed I haven’t been posting much this past year about the show and the cast and crew or the fandom. You would have to be living under a rock not to know there has been more unrest in the fandom and some of the message boards.

Ever since it was announced by David McCallum that Michael Weatherly was leaving and subsequent news reports, and news items, about the final episodes and about his new show.  It was becoming clear to many that there was some bad blood between MW and MH.  I don’t know if there was it could be hype but it upsets me at some of the countless accusations being thrown around.

A part of me doesn’t want to believe them just like there were some other suggestions or innuendo about MH and the women co-stars over the years.  Again it could be very well malicious speculation from fans who don’t like the actor.  I also know he may not be as clean cut as I and many others imagine.

I am not laying blame at one person’s feet.  If there is any blame.  Some of the behaviors of MW left a bad taste in my mouth.  Comments he made about the show and of course his DUI which he has taken care of by now.  I also blame anyone who is on set and leaking BS to the press or media whether or not is its warranted or not.

Now that MW has a new show he is currently working on I hope and wish him all the best.  It is a big responsibility to be a star of the show and I hope he is up to the task.  Just don’t forget where you came from.

I am never sure if it is a good thing or not to bad mouth your previous employment situation (especially in the entertainment field) or not.  Is it really the fan’s right to know what happens on the sets of movies or TV shows or anything of that nature?  It might be the right of the producers, directors, and executives of the industry but is it the same for fans?

Now the new cast mates.  I have no problems with two of them but Vilma?  I barely watched that 70’s show when it was on but he just gave me the creeps in the interviews he gave at San Diego Comic Con.  Of course I read some of the “gossip about him” and not sure if it is true so before I let my own fears and prejudices occur I will wait and see.  I hope it works out.

Anyway, I plan on watching the show this season and next. Until it no longer entertains me no matter how strong the loyalty to the cast is.

Not sure

I am not sure I want to watch Tuesday's episode that I missed.  The general consensus on IMDB was "it was really bad".  Over at LON they were confused by it and of course at Mark Harmon Addicts they adored it.  Not sure about NCIS fanwiki.

Mark Harmon, Pauley P, and the show have all been nominated for People's Choice awards.

There was a mini marathon on Thursday, One on its usual day and time (monday).  I am not sure when the rest are...

NCIS Round up

Season 13 has had a pretty good start for the most part.  There was one I didn't like but that's only one out of what four?  Michael Weatherly's appearence on the NCIS LA was pretty good.  One of my dreams is coming true.  LIndsay Wagner is appearing for the THanksgiving episode as Bishops Mom.  My fantasy or fictional episode was that Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors and Linda Evans appear in an episode to get the Teams Help with a case.

I saw a promo for Cote De Pablo's movie the 33.  I don't know if anyone else has seen it but the discussion of CDP in general has continued on the boards.

NCIS renewed for season 13

There isn't much on TV tonight and some of the marathon’s on WE and Sundance I have seen already.  I couldn’t believe the news I heard today though American Idol has been cancelled for the 2015-2016 season.  I heard a partial report and didn’t know if they were talking about this season but then I got online and saw an article that says Ryan Seacrest speaks out on it.  On one hand I didn’t watch it and never liked it.  I try not to watch those types of shows because they can be relentless and cruel.

I was relieved to read that NCIS has been renewed for the 13th season.  Still no word on whether or not MH has signed on as cast member or crew member.  It has many people a little worried but at the same time some are saying he wouldn’t not sign on.  I have a feeling he will have reduced screen time and concentrate on being producer and director.  He as much as said so on different occasions.  As to whether or not season 13 will be the final season or not my gut says yes but it depends on the ratings and lately they have been down a great deal.

I hope tomorrow night' season finale is a good one. The show has met with mixed reactions from many fans this season.

Have a great one.

A New Episode 9/30/2014

The second episode is starting.  I am not liking Tony in the first few moments.  I also didn’t think Michael was that impressive in the ET interview but I have a different sense of humor than others.  Michael did a couple of other interviews I will have to catch online later.

Mark Harmon was on Live with Kelly and Michael today it was pretty good except for the fact that yet again the interviewers/research people just had to bring up People Magazines’ Sexiest Man alive.  When Kelly brought up she still had the cover and could look for it and Mark just smiled and told her to get a life in so many words.  They talked about tonight’s episode and his part in NOLA.

Some of the discussions this past week included the possibility of CDP/ZD coming back to help with new big bad.  Of course some want it and some don’t..  I even made a trip to FACEBOOK and there still  some people who keep asking for both the actress/character to come back.  The other was about Gibbs hair being such a distraction they can’t watch the show.

Oh crap...Leon may have the c word. I really don’t want him to die or for the actor to leave and something tells me that’s what is going to happen.  Let’s hope that he is going to survive and probably will show him going through the process.  I think it would be good to see him go through this but I suspect others will not..  Well it turns out he is going to be okay.  That was a major discussion on the forums as well.

I have noticed the last two episodes of NCIS: NOLA had the same themes as the mother ship.  I sort of lost interest through this episode.  I hope that doesn’t happen often.

Season 12 begins in 9 minutes

I am sitting here watching the last nine minutes of ET.  I missed the segment on NOLA that follows the mothership at 9 pm.  I did catch a few interviews that Mark Harmon has  done in the last couple of days.  THere are more next week.  The last two  interviews were pretty good.  I think I missed Extra tonight.

Even though I didn’t write much for NCIS and its fandom this summer I have been actively posting at various sites.  The forums and messages were discussion the upcoming season, the postseason discussions were very positive despite the fact that some circles continued to inflame the whole Ziva/Cote De Pablo debacle.

Fans shared their close encounters of the stars when they went to OK for the annual Mark Harmon Celebrity Weekend, and one on ones with the cast.

okay here its...Opens in Moscow Russia.  Wow this is great...new opening credits (will have to check them out later tonight)..

The men of NCIS are live tweeting duirng the show....been replying to them myself.  I hope they feel like answering.  A couple of people re-tweeted some of my stuff.

Awesome episode.  Connection to Ari in the guy who was shot but disappeared.